Saturday, July 30, 2005


Vocabulary Building in std.08-SLH

Class: Std.8-SLH
Objective: Vocabulary Building

This was an exercise for vocabulary building in std.o8-slh. My intention was to motivate students to do brainstorming to develop their vocabulary. I developed a Spellethon Quiz [Shabd Vinyaas Paheli] for this purpose. A key-letter 'anu' was placed at the centre of the hexagon diagram and six letters were placed around that letter. Students were asked to make as many words as they could using the central letter as a 'prefix'.
The students were asked to get into pairs and discuss for ten minutes. They showed great interest in trying out new words and thereafter shared their results with rest of the class.
I asked each group the meanings of the word they made. They knew some of them and the others they had just heard or read or not sure. I then asked them to refer to dictionery and find the correct meaning. Thus, they learnt many new words. I believe that this is a great activity to increase vocabulary.



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