Monday, August 22, 2005

It was my father who helped me develop my Hindi language during my school days. He was a renowned social worker and used to let me write minutes of the meetings in Hindi for him. Thus, my journey of learning Hindi language began. He was excellent at Urdu too. So, I also developed a taste for this beautiful language. Later, during my college days, I had a big circle of literary friends with whom I had a wonderful time sharing thoughts of great poets, shayars, writers, musicians etc.

I graduated in law from Delhi University and did my post graduation in Marketing Management .After practicing law for around one and half year, I joined one of the reputed corporate houses at middle management level. But soon I realized that it was not my cup of tea.During this period, I also started giving private tuitions for Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics etc. at elementary level and it continued for around five years.

In 1994, I got an offer from Sri Vinayak Academy, New Delhi for the post of Hindi Faculty. This school followed CBSE syllabus and like most of the teachers, I also used direct teaching method. I had direct interaction with students and through the use of informing, describing, explaining and questioning, I transmitted my knowledge and understanding to them. There was almost no collaborative learning. But because of my interest in Literature, Music and Drama, I contextualized the poems/lessons and made my students sing some of the poems taught to them and enact the simple stories on stage whenever I had an opportunity.

As I had great inclination for Music and Writing, I also started writing jingles and spots for advertising agencies and translation work for some reputed publications which further sharpened my Hindi language skill. Then, I started writing a column in one of the reputed Hindi magazine ‘Vanita’ (M. M. Publications) which is being continued till date.

My tenure with MAIS

Then came the year2003 and I had to shift to Bangalore as my younger son got admission in an engineering college here. I joined MAIS as Hindi Translator in September, 2003 and successfully completed Hindi translation of two technical projects of one of the reputed IT companies INTEL.

In June, 2004, I joined Hindi Department of MAIS. My tenure with MAIS as one of the Hindi faculties has been very exiting and interesting in as much as it has provided me lots of opportunities to use ‘inquiry-oriented’ teaching besides other modern approaches of teaching. It is because of MAIS’ professional development program and workshops that I have learnt that it should be the teachers’ endeavor to make learning as meaningful and relevant as possible. The joy of learning can be experienced through ‘active learning’- an effective teaching technique since, regardless of the subject matter, when active learning is compared to traditional teaching method, students learn more material, retain the information longer, and enjoy the class more.

I believe that neither success nor failure is ever final…and…

Kaise aakaash mein suraakh nahin ho sakta !
Ek pathar to tabeeyat se uchhalo yaron !!

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