Monday, February 27, 2006


Seventh meeting of the first CASW group

The last presentation in this session was by Ms Gudrun. Mr. Uday was the facilitator. Students' work to be tuned were - multiple written samples from different areas of work - special books, LAR notebooks and EVS notebooks. The key questions were-1) How can the class teachers help the child who is lagging behind to come up to the expected grade-level, and boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of the child? and 2) How can we run an extended reading/writing, perhaps even Math programme for the gifted chidren, given that there are only 2 teachers in class at most times ? The area of concern for Ms Gudrun is that the students who come into prep are having different age and ability levels.
The participants discussed various strategies to provide help to the child who is lagging behind to come up to the expected grade level. Some of them were:
-the child seems to be slow learner and needs continuous support.
-reinforcement exercises
-little reward will help the child build her confidence.
-use of flash-cards, games etc.
I suggested Ms Gudrun to use audio-visual things to teach the above-mentioned subjects which she has yet not tried. She welcomed the idea and promised to incorporate the same in her forthcoming sessions and share her experiences in the 2nd meeting.

Did you suggest any specific audio-visual aids?
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