Monday, February 27, 2006


Sixth meeting of the first CASW group

Ms Geeta was the next presenter on 22nd February,2006 and I was the facilitator. The topic was -Examination of student's written work. Student work to be tuned was the samples of student work over a period of time to suuport th key question i.e. how to motivate the student to overcome the slump in his work?
The student in question has no difficulty with comprehending what is being taught, has a good command of Math as well as vocabulary. But he remains distracted most of the time which results in not following instructions and not completing the given task. He has been showing a constant slump in his work. He has been assessed by the counsellor and is on a behavioural program to help him identify the problematic areas and reflect on his behavior.
The participants discussed various strategies in this regard and agreed upon the following strategies:
-As it is observed from his last assignment, he works well on one to one basis without showing much slump in his work. He should, therefore, be given one to one support and his work be monitored regularly.
-He needs tight scaffolding and constant firmness.
-His behaviour to be recorded continuously and brought to the notice of the counsellor immediately.
Ms Geeta was satisfied with the strategies given and promised to adopt the same in her forthcoming sessions and share the results in the next meeting.

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