Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Second Session - First meeting of the first CASW group

The Second Session started with the presentation of Mr. Uday on Ist March,2006. I was the facilitator. The topic was - Application of theory learnt in class. The key question in this meeting was the extension of the one raised by him in the last meeting, i.e. what other learning srategies might be adopted to enhance the level of concentration in individual classes?
Mr. Uday informed that the following three strategies among others as suggested by the participants in the last meetig, were applied to chart the student's progress:
a. A dicussion with the parents of the concerned child to find out the root cause of the problem.
b. Talking to co-teachers to know the level of concentration of the student in their classes.
c. Recording of tabla lessons for the student to practice at home.
His strategy of giving recorded tabla lessons has worked very well as he is able to recall the lessons and practice them well with improved concentration. Ms Sandra visited the class when this student was practicing and she was impressed to see his performance. It was also beneficial for Uday to talk to his co-teachers to know the level of concentration of the student in their classes.
Mr. Uday was satisfied with the progress of the child and promised to continue these strategies as well as apply the remaining ones in near future.
All of us had a great time and a new VISION!!

I am glad to see the strategies that did work. I hope such professional discussions will continue even after the two sessions of CASW for each of the PPSEians.
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