Thursday, April 06, 2006


Second Session - Fourth meeting of the first CASW group

The next presenter of our group in second session held on 29th March,2006 was Ms Kalpana U. Ms Gudrun conducted the proceedings as the facilitator. It was Std.3Math student whose work was to be tuned in the last meeting and Ms Kalpana had submitted the extract of work from the student through a period of time to support the key questions - 1) How to make the student remain focused in class?, 2) What strategies could be applied to make the child complete his work?
Some of the strategies which emerged from the first CASW meeting were-
a. calling the mother/father/both and insisting that a routine is followed at home with respect to the behaviour program and share the results.
b. providing the child with maximum support with the existing constraints. This could be done through dialogues, encouraging questions and doubts from the child, accepting suggestions, repeating instructions till he is clear, explaining things clearly, making him decide which way certain things could be managed and provoking him to think.
After having started the suggested strategies, Ms Kalpana observed that the child in question enjoyed the activity based learning and also he liked to learn things when they were integrated with day to day happenings or hooked to topics which drew his attention. Further, he liked to represent his understanding more visually( in the form of mind maps, bulletin board etc.) and he did complete these tasks on time. A safe and non threatening platform has also been created and Ms Kalpana chats with him daily not just relating to maths but in other areas also which has brought the child closer to the teacher.
Ms Kalpana seems to be satisfied that the above-mentioned strategies have worked well and there is a subtle change in the child's way of learning and both - the teacher and the child - have certainly moved a few steps ahead in understanding how he learns and how the teacher could be a catalyst to his learning.
All the participants appreciated her efforts and the meeting ended with a positive note.

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