Friday, April 28, 2006


Second Session - Sixth meeting of the first CASW group

The presenter in the meeting held on 18th April,2006 was Ms Christina. The topic was :
The key questions were -what stategies could be given to him to help him come up with different geometric designs? and, How to motivate him to do his best? The participants had suggested the following strategies in the first session:

As per the suggested strategies, the counsellor and teachers had a meeting with the parents and they were given suggestions on how to handle the child's temper tantrums. Also, the child has now been seeing a counsellor on a regular basis and Ms Christina has also been meeting with the counsellor on getting tips on handling the temper outbursts and also on creating a non-threatening environment for the child and his peers.

Ms Christina seems to be satisfied with the said strategies and promised to continue the same in the following academic year also to get the desired results.

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