Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Second Session - Third meeting of the first CASW group

Third meeting of the Second Session started with the presentation of Ms Geetha Kamath on 29th March,2006. Ms Gudrun was the facilitator. The topic was - Examination of student's writen work and a follow up on the key question asked during the first CASW session to motivate the student to overcome the slump in his work? The key question in this meeting was - what were the reflections of the participants upon the strategies tried by the presenter and how they related them to the strategies of brain based learning?
Ms. Geetha informed that the following strategies among others as suggested by the participants in the last meetig, were implemented:
a. The seating arrangement of the student was changed and he was placed in the front of the class and his work was checked at the end of the stated time.This strategy ensured firm scaffolding as well as individual monitoring by the teachers and helped him to hand in completed work.
b.He was asked to think about his actions when he distracted himself and his friends during clas and also when he handed in any unaceptable work. This strategy made him feel responsible for his actions.
c.He was given an opportunity to express and share some interesting information that he had read which he agreed to do so very enthusiastically during their circle time and all the children let him enjoy his moment of glory and gave him their full appreciation.This strategy was an atempt to help him get into the student group by identifying and acknowledging his strength.
Ms.Geetha seemed to be satisfied with the progress of the child and promised to continue these strategies as and when needed in near future.
All of us felt about the strategies to be effective and a part of the brain based learning strategies.It was indeed a satisfying session.

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